Hi there.

If you are here, there are three possible explanations, so far as I can tell.

One. You are a friend of mine, and you are checking this page because I asked you to. Thanks. I owe you one.

Two. Random internet happenstance. One minute you’re reading the news, the next you’re watching a video of a cat playing the piano, and before you knew it, you found yourself here.

Three. You are a potential client of mine, and you are checking out my art, to see if I might be able to draw something for you. Well, it’s true. I might. If you like what you see, you should drop me a line.

Whatever reason you have for being here, I glad you came by. And now for the Mission Statement…

Hi, my name is Brent and this is my art portfolio. Sometimes, it will also be a repository for my typed ramblings. But mostly, it will be for art.


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