This is the part when I write about myself in the third person.

Brent is a Graphic Artist and Illustrator from Hendersonville, North Carolina. He and his lovely wife currently reside in Hendersonville, but are preparing to move to Asheville in the very near future. When they do, they will be taking their two dogs and their one cat with them.

During the day, Brent spends his time at Image 420 Screenprining, the finest print shop in Western North Carolina. He spends some of his free time playing trombone and guitar in his band, Albatross Party. The rest of his free time is usually spent drawing or painting.

And now, some random pictures, paintings, and other things which don’t quite fit in the portfolio.


This is a painting of my grandfather, Clyde Beavers. It was a Christmas gift for my grandmother, back in 2004. Hands down, my favorite painting that I’ve ever done.


This is me and my wife, cutting our wedding cake. She is very pretty, don’t you think? She’s also a brilliant singer and songwriter as well. And she’s a lot of fun to be around. Classic triple threat.


This is a sample page from a comic book I’ve been working on for a long, long time. Not all of the pages are this complicated.


This is a portrait of my friend Patrick.


This is a newspaper ad I made for my sister’s used bookstore, which closed a few years back. Man, I miss that bookstore.


Speaking of my sister, this is her and her husband. Her name is Kristina, his name is Joey.


The one on the left is Eddie. The other one is Andy. This was from a series of pictures that we took for one of our self-released alnums that we put out about five or six years ago. Always liked this picture.



That’s enough for now.


One Response to About

  1. sasquatch says:

    Brent, I think I just about pissed myself when you wrote this on steve’s culturewatch blog:

    There’s an ointment for that…. … .. .

    Thanks for that, it made my day. I chortled so loud I snorted at one point!


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